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Urbino Mattress

Mattress height about: 22 cm

6 cm – D/35 Visco memory
3.5 cm – D/35 HR

Urbino Mattress

The Urbino model is a mattress designed for people who like to sleep well. It consists of many different elements combined with each other. The first layer made of visco memory softly welcomes you after a tiring day at work, giving you an immediate feeling of relaxation. The second layer made of HR lends itself effectively to support the rest of the night hours. The real strength of the Urbino mattress is its central structure in which microperforated workmanship is combined with areodynamic inserts that allows this model to adapt to anyone who lies on it.

Technical features

  • Rich
  • Beautiful
  • Textured
  • Memory
  • Load-bearing
  • Breathable
  • Versatile


Move it to the left and right

Fabrics: 100% Polyester – 170 gr/m2
Filling:100% Polyester – 150 gr/m2
Base: 100% TNT – 30 gr/m2, colored zipper on all 4 sides with handles
6 cm – D/35 Visco memory
3.5 cm – D/35 HR
insert 7cm – D/35 HR
13 cm – D/35 (base)



Easily removable, with zip on all 4 sides. With a quick gesture, the mattress will be unlined.


Easily reversible to ensure one layer is stiffer and the other more welcoming so as to better meet night-time needs.


At 30 degrees in the washing machine.


Well supports up to 60 kg of body weight.


Well supports up to 80 kg of body weight.

7 Zones

7 cutting zones.

A Little Story

Zen story about anger: The monk and the boat

We were born to feel emotions, even if they are often not all positive. What influences rest the most is precisely the inability to stop thinking, to take our head off, therefore to relax and allow ourselves to listen only to our body, to reflect on our needs. Alma intends to help in this process to find the right solution, the right compromise between what is necessary and what one thinks it really is.

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Our Company Values

Design as the blueprint of industrial production

The English term design, which literally means “project” or “drawing,” refers to the process of designing any object: a piece of furniture, a machine, a coffee maker, an electronic device. In fact, the designer is the one who is in charge of planning the realization of a product, carefully studying, on paper or on a computer, through simulations and analysis of materials, its efficiency and usefulness but also the pleasantness of its forms. Today, design is closely related to industrial production, as it refers to mass-produced objects through mechanical processes.
When we say that an Alma product is of design, it means that we have recognized certain characteristics in it: they are not handmade but industrially made; they are functional, that is, suitable for the purpose for which they were conceived; and that they have an original form, sometimes imaginative, sometimes simple and devoid of superfluous decoration.

Alma never stops learning. Internally and with our best employees, we keep ourselves constantly informed on all issues concerning personal well-being, improvement of materials and related industrial processes. In fact, the internal academy develops as needed, free in-depth and refresher courses. We never stop learning!

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