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Our secret? Renewal between generations

Alma is the bet of a simple production company which in its growth has learned to evolve and become professional in the production of polyurethane foam, in its processing and also in its promotion to the end customer.

We produce MATTRESSES, TOPPERS, PILLOWS on behalf of our customers with all the quality of MADE IN ITALY, the innovation of our foams and our experience in the world of BEDDING and the passion that distinguishes us.

We work with the aim of reducing our environmental impact by studying innovative foams and new packaging and transport solutions.


Years on the market


Polyurethane production lines


Cutting lines computerized


Automatic warehouse and matress production department


Production sites

A cutting-edge production facility covering an area of over 100,000 mq

These numbers make ALMA an ideal partner in the difficult world of Bedding for CONTRACT, HOTEL, RESIDENTIAL FACILITIES and MUCH MORE customers.

Alma’s challenge is to reduce waiting times by promptly providing all the necessary information. Technical questions, both general and specific, are welcome.

Alma can produce up to 1000 mattresses a day and ship the same number. In the company by appointment it will be possible to discuss the production of the raw material, the sharing of production planning, warehouse management skills and therefore shipping.

Alma’s staff consists of around one hundred people, we know that it is the basis on which to grow our future.


Discover what makes our products unique: comfort, breathability, temperature control, quality and research on raw materials.

A complete mix of products for the world of BEDDING.

Alma Matresses

We make more than 700 models every year and we like to improve them from a quality point of view in every aspects. Following dream’s needs, we are able to offer a products that goes beyond expectations.

Alma Toppers

Pleasing polyurethane sheet of few cm that makes dreaming even more confortable.

Alma Pillows

Pillows are chosen mainly by personal feeling. For this it is highly suggested to have a try before buying, simulating the position by which people sleeps.


A range of personalized services based on customer needs.


We can support you in every phase of the configuration of the product you have in mind.

Technical customization

We start from the punctual collection of your needs and then move on to the technical and scientific study of each component.

Private Label

IT and graphic support with the possibility of creating customized MATTRESSES, TOPPERS and PILLOWS with your brand.


Vacuum packed and rolled. Possibility of nano packaging. Customizable and ecologically sustainable.


Necessary for managing important projects. We structure ourselves to accommodate your sales peaks.

Dropshipping delivery

If you want to sell MATTRESSES, TOPPERS and PILLOWS through your e-commerce by reducing your warehouse and logistics costs, ALMA-BED can manage and organize everything for you.

Quality check

Quality management is a cardinal principle for Alma: It begins with laboratory activities and continues at every stage of the process.

Project Management and Customer Service

You will be able to count on a single contact person who will guarantee you a timely service in the pre- and post-sales phase.


We love to think of solutions capable of improving the way you work to make your business more and more efficient.

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Frequently asked questions

I would like to devellop a matress with my brand, Alma may help me?

Alma can become your fundamental partner in the world of BEDDING. Alma can design, produce and develop the mattress you have in mind for you and customize it with your brand to make it recognizable by your end customer by personalizing the cover, packaging, etc.

Does Alma only produce mattresses?

Alma has all-round experience in the world of BEDDING: it studies, designs, produces and packages not only MATTRESSES, but also TOPPERS and PILLOWS.

Does Alma sell directly to the end customer?

No, ALMA operates in the B2B, Business to business sector. Bringing our decades of experience, we turn to companies in the world of BEDDING and configure ourselves as partners to create together the best product in terms of quality-price-service ratio for HIS customer.