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Alma’s experience in the bedding sector has led to the development of a quality, complete, innovative and sustainable service in all phases of the production chain, from design to shipment of the finished product, whether it is a TOPPER, a MATTRESS or a PILLOW.

Alma is an ideal partner in the world of bedding, because the research starts from your needs as a client company and puts its experience and a range of complete services at your disposal to allow you to create the product you had in mind.

For us at Alma every detail is important and our research has led us to find solutions with high added value that feed a virtuous circle.

Packaging research and development

Space saving

Storage and transport optimization

Cost reduction

Environmental Impact Reduction

Product Consultancy

We collect your needs and help you develop the best product to satisfy your target customers.

We can support you in every phase of the product configuration you have in mind: from the choice of the most suitable materials, colors, to processing methods, technical design, assembly and packaging.

Technical design

Alma can support you, if you wish, in the technical design of your products thanks to dedicated figures and an industrial software integrated with the polyurethane cutting machine.

The attention we put into this phase allows us to create functional products, i.e. suitable for the purpose for which they were conceived, but also to reduce waste, optimizing the material used.

Private label

ALMA-BED offers you to collaborate as a PRIVATE LABEL. You therefore have the possibility to create customized MATTRESSES, TOPPERS and PILLOWS with your client-company-brand or with a brand selected by you, so as to be recognized and recognizable by your final customer.

If you want, you can insert your brand:

On the cover label, also customizing its color, position and size.

On the Packaging: the box or bag in which your product is placed.

On the label or in a flyer accompanying your mattress, topper or pillow.


Never like today, the choice of packaging has impacts on different areas, as well as on the image of the product, such as, for example, environmental, logistical and economic sustainability.

Alma offers you the possibility to choose:
– The packing method: thanks to the technology and versatility of our packing machines, you can decide to vacuum-pack the mattress to save space, to fold and roll it up to make it easier to transport.
– Type of packaging: with Alma you can decide whether to box your products. Our experience also allows you the possibility of a NANO PACKAGING.
-Packaging customization: with Alma you can decide how to customize your brand.

Pianificazione del lavoro

Alma has the possibility to work by sharing a production schedule, warehouse stock levels and collection in order to allow you to anticipate and accommodate your sales peaks.

In fact, for important projects, both one-shot and continuous, we need to work hand in hand with our customers: the management of large or concentrated volumes in a limited period of time, in fact, presupposes adequate and careful planning of the individual phases of production, the sizing of personnel, spaces and shipments.

The goal is to be certain of always guaranteeing punctual delivery and quality service.


If you want to sell MATTRESSES, TOPPERS and PILLOWS through your e-commerce by reducing your warehouse and logistics costs, ALMA-BED can manage and organize a DROPSHIPMENT system for you. This means:

Creation of a warehouse of your products at ALMA-BED which, if necessary, can be integrated with your IT system

Organization of an order acquisition and labeling system (automated or manual).

Organization of the collection and delivery service with a courier that we can select together according to need.

Organization of a shipment tracking sharing system

ALMA-BED guarantees you a quality, timely service and complete traceability of the delivery at every stage.

Quality management

Mattresses, Toppers and Pillows are much more than simple products for Alma: they are the peak of a process of continuous research, improvement and redefinition.

Quality management is a cardinal principle for Alma: It begins with laboratory activities and continues at every stage of the process. In particular:

The Lab – analysis: studies how to make foam formulas more stable and performing, analyzing a sample from each production to verify that it is in line with expectations in terms of density, elasticity, resistance to stress and vacuum, etc. Each sample analyzed is archived and historicised.

The Quality manager: works hand in hand with the department managers, including sales, monitoring step by step that both the semi-finished products and the finished product are consistent with the Alma quality standards and with the expectations of the client company.

Every Alma team has a essential role in the operational implementation as of the best practices is the method applied.

Project management e servizio clienti

We entrust each collaboration project to a Project Manager who will guarantee you the necessary support at any stage. He will be your reference:

In the product and project definition and development phase: in the collection of product, packaging and logistics requirements, in the design, testing and production start-up;

In everyday life: to collect, convey and organize production and collection plans and share management information bi-directionally;

In case of problems: coordinating with Alma staff and with the Quality manager will guarantee you a product and service that is always in line with your expectations and a quick and effective management and resolution of problems.