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Frequently asked questions

I would like to develop a mattress with my brand, can Alma help me?

Alma can become your fundamental partner in the world of BEDDING. Alma can design, produce and develop the mattress you have in mind for you and customize it with your brand to make it recognizable by your end customer by personalizing the cover, packaging, etc.

Does Alma only produce mattresses?

Alma has all-round experience in the world of BEDDING: it studies, designs, produces and packages not only MATTRESSES, but also TOPPERS and PILLOWS.

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Does Alma sell directly to the end customer?

No, ALMA operates in the B2B, Business to business sector. Bringing our decades of experience, we turn to companies in the world of BEDDING and configure ourselves as partners to create together the best product in terms of quality-price-service ratio for HIS customer.

Does Alma have a product catalogue?

Sure, Alma has a product portfolio that includes MATTRESSES, PILLOWS and TOPPERS.
They are products that it has developed over the years and are examples of what alma can produce for you.

If there is any model you like, we can:
– Take it as designed
– Use it as a starting point and customize it in all its parts (foams, shapes, covers, heights, etc…) based on your needs and your target customers
– Brand it with your branding
– Study storage and transport solutions together.

Can I be sure that Alma understands the needs of my company and my target customers?

Alma is B2B company. We are used to working on projects, collaborating with our customers. Alma has the experience and expertise on the product, you know your customer and your company.

By pooling our knowledge and your needs, and configuring a product in line with:
– Your target customers
– Your price target
– The quality you have in mind

My company pays attention to environmental issues, what does Alma actually do to be sustainable?

Alma is deeply committed to reducing its environmental impact: every day we look for increasingly sustainable solutions in terms of foams used, optimization of overall dimensions, packaging.

Specifically, we produce sustainable products suitable to be vacuum packed, rolled and ready to be packed in small boxes, easy and efficient to store and transport.

What is Dropshipment? Can it be adapt to what i need?

Dropshipping is a sales model thanks to which a company can sell a product to the end customer without physically owning it in its warehouse. It is very useful for online sales.

In the concrete case, if you want to sell and deliver MATTRESSES, TOPPERS and PILLOWA through your e-commerce or through a marketplace, reducing your warehouse and logistics costs, ALMA can manage and organize everything for you.

My company has high sales volumes, is Alma a supplier I can rely on?

Alma is a company present in the bedding market for more than ten years and can count on a staff of about a hundred people, a fully automated mattress production department, four computerized cutting lines, a gluing line and two packaging lines.

We have a current production and shipping capacity of more than 1000 mattresses/day, an important storage capacity.

For important projects, both one-shot and continuous, we need to work hand in hand with our customers: the management of high volumes, in fact, presupposes adequate planning of the single production phases, of the spaces and of the shipments, to be sure of always guaranteeing punctual delivery and to perform at best our quality service.

How do I get in touch with Alma?

If you are interested in getting to know us better, you can write or call us at one of the contact details you find on the Contacts page. We could organize a cognitive meeting even remotely, and/or, we will be happy to organize an appointment at our offices during which we will get to know each other in person and let you visit our production plants and our showroom.

Every year we also participate in trade fairs during which you can come and visit us and see a selection of the models we produce.a

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