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We love to think of solutions capable of improving the way you work to make your business more and more efficient.

We are ready to understand the needs of the business to achieve together. Alma proposes to work alongside to receive more in-depth details and better identify all the information necessary to develop the best possible product for the business to be created.

Basically, Alma offers a privileged and personalized research and development channel to arrive at offering the product with the best added value, developed for well-defined needs.

Alma Matresses

We make more than 700 models every year and we like to improve them from a quality point of view in every aspects. Following dream’s needs, we are able to offer a products that goes beyond expectations.

Alma Toppers

Pleasing polyurethane sheet of few cm that makes dreaming even more confortable.

Alma Pillows

Pillows are chosen mainly by personal feeling. For this it is highly suggested to have a try before buying, simulating the position by which people sleeps.

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