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Have you ever woken up in the morning to the sight of a disgruntled partner, upset that you gave them a long speech in your sleep? This is one example of the many strange things we can do while we’re supposed to be oblivious to the world. Read on for our top five picks.

Although it is not clear exactly how many people experience parasomnias, or sleep disorders, it is likely that you — or someone you know — have faced at least one such event at some point.

Parasomnias are often associated with unsettling actions or behaviors, made all the more strange for being acted out in a person’s sleep, while they are completely unconscious.

However, although some of the strange things that we do in our sleep may be connected with the presence of a sleep disorder, others are, in fact, normal physiological occurrences that are extremely common.

In this Spotlight, we look at five of the strangest things some people do while they’re fast asleep.

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